London Professional Laptop Backpack for Men & Women - Standard

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Timus London Smart Tech Laptop Backpack is a seamless combination of refinement and innovation designed for today's professional, working individuals, and college students. This laptop backpack for men and women was created with meticulous attention to detail and is made of durable polyester fabric that ensures both lifespan and style during your journey. Its sleek Black appearance exudes a traditional charm that is in sync with today's active lifestyle. The Timus London Smart gadget Backpack, which can hold a 15.6-inch laptop, is more than simply a gadget carrier; it's a technical marvel. Its water-resistant function protects your possessions from unexpected drizzles, ensuring that your necessities remain secure in all weather circumstances. The USB charging connection, which is elegantly incorporated for on-the-go charging ease, is a notable feature. The comfy shoulder strap and strengthened handle ensure a stable and pleasant grasp on your everyday trips. With dimensions of 33cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 48.5cm (H) and a big 28-liter capacity, this bag strikes the ideal mix between spaciousness and a streamlined appearance. The Timus London Smart Tech Backpack goes above and beyond the conventional, with not just two main compartments and two auxiliary pockets, but also a dedicated clothing area, enabling adaptability for people who fluidly move between work and play. Enhance your daily routine with a bag that is more than a carrier; it is a companion designed for the tech-savvy professional and modern student. The Timus London Smart Tech Laptop Backpack combines functionality and design to keep both men and women connected and organized on the go.

Attractive Features:

1. Quality Material - Premium Polyester Fabric Material

2. Colours Availability – Black

3. Water-resistant/ USB Port / Comfortable Shoulder strap / Clothes Compartment / Stronger Handle

4. Two Main Compartments / Two pockets

5. Dimensions of 33cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 48.5cm (H), providing a generous capacity of 28 L.

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