Nexon Soft Trolley Luggage Bag - 58cm

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Timus Nexon Soft Trolley Luggage Bag is a trendy and adaptable travel companion that will make your journey more functional and fashionable. Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric, this luggage item oozes durability and sophistication, guaranteeing that your possessions arrive in style and safety.

The Timus Nexon's inside is smartly designed, with enough of storage space to keep your essentials organized and accessible. The front has two handy zip pockets, ideal for holding travel documents, electronics, or other quick-access things. Inside, you'll find a vertical zip pocket for extra organization, as well as a hanging wet pouch and a large storage section with adjustable straps that allow you to easily store a variety of items.

Choose from a variety of fashionable hues to fit your taste, such as traditional black, navy blue, and Red. Available in three sizes - 58 cm, 68 cm, and 78 cm - you may choose the ideal solution to meet your travel requirements, whether it's a quick trip or a longer excursion.

The Timus Nexon is designed for seamless maneuverability, with soft 8 wheels that enable for smooth travel through airports, rail stations, and city streets. It also includes practical features like water resistance, a TSA lock for increased security, and a push-button trolley system for added convenience.

Timus Nexon 58 cm Soft Trolley Luggage Bag is a clever blend of style and functionality suited for both male and female travelers. Crafted from a premium polyester fabric known for its quality and durability, this stylish luggage item protects your stuff in style.

It is compact yet spacious, measuring L = 39.5 cm, W = 26.1 cm, H = 55 cm, and weighs only 2.76 kg. It has a capacity of 49.76 L. Easily arrange your things with its cleverly designed compartments: two zip pockets on the front for easy access, a vertical zip pocket inside for extra organization, a hanging wet pouch, and a multifunctional storage section with adjustable straps.

Find added reassurance with the complimentary 3-year warranty, ensuring the durability and excellence of your purchase. Navigate through airports and busy streets effortlessly with the eight-wheel spinner, allowing for seamless 360-degree rotation.

Available in a variety of stylish colors to match your preferences, the Timus Nexon 58cm Soft Trolley Luggage Bag merges style with practicality, ensuring you travel with assurance and elegance. Enhance your travels with a luggage companion that consistently surpasses expectations.

Bullet Points:

  • Premium Polyester Fabric: Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric, ensuring durability and protection for your belongings.
  • Compact Yet Spacious: With dimensions of L = 39.5 cm, W = 26.1 cm, H = 55 cm, and a capacity of 49.76 L, it offers ample space while remaining lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • 3-Year Warranty: Enjoy added peace of mind with the included 3-Year Warranty, ensuring the longevity and quality of your investment.
  • Eight Wheels Spinner: Maneuvering through airports and bustling streets is effortless, thanks to the 8 wheels spinner that rotates a full 360 degrees, offering smooth and seamless navigation.

Attractive Features of Nexon 58 cm Soft Trolley Luggage Bag | Stylish Travel Luggage for Men and Women | Cabin Travel Luggage & Suitcase

  1. Having the Best Quality Material - Premium Polyester Fabric.
  2. Colours Availability – Black, N. Blue, Red
  3. Available Sizes: 58cm, 68cm, 78cm
  4. Soft 8 Wheels Luggage
  5. Water-Resistance / Soft Trolley Luggage Bag / TSA Lock / Push Button Trolly
  6. Cabin Travel Luggage & Suitcase
  7. 58 cm with the dimensions of L = 39.5 cm, W = 26.1 cm, H = 55 cm, with a generous capacity of 49.76 L and a weight of 2.76 kg.

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